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to be funny at these things. apparently not. it's way too early for this. just have to show the abs. that's a good point. peter alexander for willie geist. this is way too early. the show like the situation does flash its abs when they can't think of anything funny to say. up with us early this morning. you're listening live on sirius xm radio. send us an e-mail, let us know why you're awake right now. we're not upset about that. we want to know why. text the word "awake" followed by your response to 622-639. you guys nail that every day. we'll read the best responses a little later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be a cram session for wednesday, march 16. there is a lot of news making headlines today, including the latest developments out of libya
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where muammar qaddafi's forces have the opposition on the ropes. who would have thought that the fight over the 16th seed could be so exciting. a full recap of last night's ncaa tournament games. that's up a little later. we want to get to the news live at 5:30 at 5:00 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. the world is watching a small crew of technicians in japan this morning. we're being called the country's last line of defense. trying to prevent an all-out nuclear cans th nucle nuclear catastrophe. the group of 50 were forced out of the fukushima plant for nearly an hour after a dangerous spike of radiation that authorities fear put their lives at risk. one of the best descriptions came from this paper. says -- describe them as faceless crew in the times. they crawl through labyrinths of equipment and other darknesses
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pierced by flashlights listening for periodic explosions and wore white full body jump suits that provide scant protection from the invisible radiation sleelting through their bodies. consider that, the plight of the 50 individuals. the workers that have been dousing reactors with seawater in a frantic effort to stabilize the temperature there is are being asked to endure up to five times the maximum radiation exposure allowed for american nuclear power plants. today's elevated levels were apparently the result of yet another fire sadly at this plant, and indications that the containment vessel surrounding the reactor may have ruptured, releasing more radioactive steam. japanese officials released this picture, the number four reactor of the facility. look at that. a large portion of the building's outer wall simply collapsed. for the latest, get to the chief
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science correspondent robert bizell joining us live from tokyo. we appreciate you helping us out this morning. can you give us a better sense of the status right now with that reactor causing the workers to with evacuated today. >> there are 20 -- sorry, there are six reactors on that site that are causing the problems. and four -- it looked like at least four of them are in serious trouble. that means they have the potential to release radiation. and as you pointed out, the 50 engineers are frantically trying to fix it. it becomes a game of wacamole. not a game -- you solve one problem, another one crops up over there. they have almost no facility. the problem is caused because of the tsunami knocking out all of the electricity and all of the battery power. so the weight of the -- the way
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they're cooling the reactors now is to pump seawater in. they're encountering one technical problem after another. it's a horrible, horrible situation. and yesterday as you pointed out, there was a puff of smoke seen from a distance and then the radiation spiked and they had to leave the scene for 45 minutes which was not -- is not good because you had these things. you worry that more radiation is going to leak. already in one of the reactors of the six, there's been a breach in the containment, which means there's a strong potential for more radiation to leak out. >> i want to get a sense from you if we can. what do you hear from the risks going forward? this is the closest that country has been to a nuclear catastrophe in the course of the last several days. >> it keeps getting -- so much getting -- the radiation levels at the plant have gone down from what they were a few days ago
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according to the government. but the situation now is that it's just a get of how they're going to bring it to an end. the fuel is no longer what's called critical. there's no chain reaction going on. so it will get cooler over time. it's just a question of how much radiation leaks in the meantime. >> sure. >> so we're not looking at a chernob chernobyl-like situation here. there's been a lot of radiation released. but it's not enough to cause serious health problems, except for to the engineers that are working. >> frightening situation. >> one other thing. >> please, please. >> before i let you go. they announced a few minutes ago that they found trace levels of radiation in excess of the drinking water in that prefecture in that state of japan. so that's another serious matter. >> yet another thing that the people there trying to survive an earthquake, a tsunami, and the nuclear crisis. bob is in tokyo.
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bob, thanks very much. the new york times have been reporting that the warnings have been issued for decades about possible flaws in the reactors at the center of this crisis. five of the people we spoke to are what are called mark one designs by general electric, one of the parent companies in this network. according to the times, scientists have warned that if the cooling systems failed at one of these reactors, the primary containment structure of that vessel would burst as the fuel rods inside overheated and released dangerous radiation into the environment. in fact, 35 years ago, a ge employee and two of his colleagues reportedly resigned after becoming convinced that mark one was so flawed it could lead to a devastating accident. still, a spokesperson for ge is defending the technology again this week calling it, quote, the industry's workhorse with a proven track record of safety and reliability.
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and despite assurances from american experts, the nuclear radiation will not reach u.s. soil. potassium iodine supplements selling out in a lot of stores across the country. those pills can protect the thyroid gland if they're taken before or shortly after a person is exposed to radiation. they don't protect the other body parts or prevent damage from other radioactive substances. president obama weighed in yesterday ensuring americans that even those as far west as hawaii are out of the danger zone. >> there are dangers for radiation release that could affect the immediate vicinity of the nuclear plants and potentially could drift over other parts of japan. but i've been assured that any nuclear release dissipates by the time it gets to hawaii much less to the mainland of the united states. >> that's the president of the united states.
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he also said the situation in japan provides an opportunity for the u.s. to re-evaluate its own nuclear security procedures. take a listen. >> one of the things it reminds us of is that the safety and constant monitoring and oversight that we provide for our nuclear facilities here in the united states has to be maintained. we've got a budget for it. i've instructed our nuclear regulatory agency to make sure that we take lessons learned from what's happening in japan and that we are constantly upgrading how we approach our nuclear safety in this country. energy secretary steven shue insisted that the u.s. does not need to suspend work on the permits while investigating the crisis in japan. >> to meet our energy needs, the administration believes we need to rely on sources for renewable consumables.
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>> still, given recent events, house democrats are calling on republicans to hold hearings on the safety issues, possibly affecting american nuclear plants. after the worst two-day selloff in more than two decades, japan's nikkei index is staging a comeback. for the details, we want to look at your markets and get all up in your business. anna edwards live in london for us. that's good news. >> well, yes. for the time being at least, peter, thank you. we dead see something of a recovery on many of the asian marn markets. on the nikkei 225, the index for the japanese equity markets, we saw a move up higher than 5% in today's session. the rebound not making up for the losses we've seen in the last two days, the last three days. a move back to the positive direction. there's a lot of nervousness on how long this level of optimism if you can improve the markets, the markets are twisting and
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turning on every move of the nuclear story coming out of japan. european markets taking a hit to the downside right now. anna? we appreciate that. more international news to share with you. security forces in bahrain are carrying out a large-scale assault against thousands of anti-government protesters as we speak. in an effort to move them out of the main square in the country's capital. the witnesses say four people were killed as police fired tear gas to the air and clashed with demonstrators. and speaking in cairo yesterday -- secretary of state hillary clinton urged bahrain to negotiate a peaceful resolution. washington has deep interest in that country because the u.s. has a critical naval base there that is it the main gulf counterweight to iran's growing military ambitions. mow guard qaddafi's forces have taken an eastern city in libya 100 miles south of
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bengha benghazi. qaddafi says there are only two possibilities, surrender or run away. qaddafi called the opposition rats to use his language. accused western nations of wanting to steal libyan oil. meanwhile, supporters of a no-fly zone over that country introduced a u.n. resolution aimed at stopping qaddafi from bombing civilians. at the briefing yesterday, jay carney insisted a no-fly zone would be a serious military action. >> accurate to say that the united states is still sitting on the fence on this. >> as an american citizen, would you want your president not to consider all the implications and ramifications of taking -- >> the point you're making -- >> the president will always be mindful of what the mission should be engaged. what it entails.
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the risks that it poses to our men and women in uniform. and its likelihood of having the kind of impact that we set out for it to have. that's his responsibility as commander in chief. and i would suggest to you that that is what leadership is all about. >> according to secretary clinton, if there is to be a no-fly zone, you have to go through the u.n. since she said there is, quote, no american support for it. despite the facts by dozens of lawmakers, they voted yesterday to approve a short-term spending bill with $6 billion in cuts. among the 54 republican who revolted was indiana congressman mike pence who said he would not vote for the measure with the inability to make more budget cuts. but speaker boehner remains confident. >> i think it's time to take a stand for taxpayers and for future generationings. i will not vote for the short-term continuing resolution that's coming to the floor of
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the house today to make that statement. things don't change in washington. >> gentleman's time has expired. >> it's time to pick a fight. >> some of our members want too do more. what is it in this bill to disagree with? nothing. nothing. and so we'll see when we get to the floor, dave, but i'm confident this bill will pass. >> the measure is expected to be approved a little later in the senate. the shutdown to april 8. still ahead on "way too early," the ncaa tournament kicking off last night with a battle between two 16 seeds. we're going to show you which team has the honor of getting beat up by top-seed pittsburgh tomorrow. and donald trump's closest friends get together to put on an old-fashioned roast. larry king, snoop dogg, the situation, that's how the donald rolls. that check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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>> the candidacy of the presidency of the united states. i do not run for the presidency merely to oppose any man, but to propose new policy.
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little bit of wet weather moving to times square this morning. let's get a check on your weather now with bill karins. what's happening in japan, really a lot of it depends on where the winds takes this radiation. >> we have some to deal with. the weather may remain offshore until the weekend. that's when it's going to shift back on shore. the winter storm moving back to northern japan in the sendai
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area where the tsunami was and in fukushima, dealing with snow overnight, not a lot, just a little. and the storm will kick through in the forecast for the next three days as the winds are out of the west and northwest. offshore as the nuclear reactors are on the pacific on the east coast of japan. that's good. not until saturday afternoon that the winds will shift on shore. again, let's bring it back home. show you the picture of times square. heavy rain in philadelphia and trenton arriving in new york city over the next two hours. the heaviest rain will be right around the tristate area. but the morning commute will be on the slow side. wider view, wintry precip through new england. rain and snow, but not any heavy accumulations. the rain will arrive in boston in the tailend of your morning commute. the worst of it is around new york city this morning. the middle of the country looks fantastic. kansas city, can't believe it just snowed a couple of days
5:49 am
ago, 68 and sunny. a sneak peek. st. patrick's day looking nice. forecast looks ideal. >> hosting a big party? >> yeah. >> savannah, georgia, my bad. i'm thinking where's my invite. >> for sports, the 2011 ncaa tournament bracket got under way. the new format pitting two 16 seeds and two 12 seeds against each other in the first round of the playing games. bulldogs testing our knowledge. arkansas-little rock. losing to pitt thursday. this one came down to the wire 20 seconds to go. down three, ashville misses the three. they get the board. and matt dickey drills it from downtown. that sends it to o.t. the rest of the area. ashville up by four. time winding down. little rock. one more try. williams misses the trey. the trojans can't put back the rebound.
5:50 am
unc ashville advances around two with an 81-77 win. we read the highlight like it's the final. clemson and the 12-seed in the east. the tigers are up by 18 with that. went on to win that one easily. the score there, 07-52, they play fifth seeded west virginia in the second round. the final two games of the first round are going to be played tonight. texas-san antonio and alabama state. that's a 16 seed battle in the ooels. bcu-virginia commonwealth is playing the university of southern california. the trojans. that's for the 11th seed in the southwest. by the way, the president, he got in to the act thinking -- putting his picks together and giving them to espn yesterday. we don't know the pick for the championship. espn reveals that. he did give us the final four. drum roll, please. the president -- taking the easy road, choosing all number one seeds. i mean, really?
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come on? we'll watch that somewhere on president obama. ohio state, kansas, duke, pitt. your president, by the way, one and one so far as commander in chief. we did get it. we like to see upsettles. coming up on morning joe, a big show planned. representative eric cantor with "the new york times" columnist david brooks joins the panel and reverend al sharpton as well as ted danson. around the water cooler to watch the donald offer himself up for ridicule. that's last night's comedy central roast. we'll be right back.
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back now on "way too early." you've seen a lot of images of the still developing disaster in japan. how massive the cleanup will be for that nation. a fraction of the losses will be covered by insurance. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends only 14% to 17% of japanese reside e residences have earthquake insurance, according to the consulting group, air worldwide which says the total losses will likely total more than hurricane katrina which reached roughly $81 billion in damage.
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we want to take a short break right now for the real news. gather around the water cooler. talk about something a little more mindless. a little trivia we know you crave. gathering celebrities to roast a man we like to consider willie's personal hero, donald trump. awkward shots of the donald. >> i mean, look at him. he's pipping. not a lot of guys could pull off wearing a hat like that. people are hating on him buzz chump is always firing people, but it's kind of okay, because he completely let himself go anyway. your wife is hot -- the best part is, she married you for love. yeah. she loves money. oh, hey, what are you going to do? >> come on, let him do his thing. come on. >> i love snoop dogg so
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unimpressed. really? >> hey, what's up? >> sweet willie. >> what's up? >> you look like justin bieber. >> we trimmed it up real neat. >> where's willie? >> we kicked him back to the farm. he'll be back tomorrow. you'll be all right. >> look at this. >> paul smith. >> look, he's wearing a paul smith. >> way too early. >> morning -- this is awesome, a lot of fun. >> seriously. >> what time do you have to wake up? >> way, way too early. >> you guys are next. that's what i was going to say. that was my wallet, actually. that's my -- that was -- we'll be right back. [ dog ] i have a gut feeling i am gonna ace this checkup. my vet thinks my insides are in mint condition. [ female announcer ] vets agree, a healthy checkup starts inside. our breakthrough iams premium protection formula is developed with vets with cutting edge ingredients for the lifelong health of your pet. [ dog ] healthy inside and out. come on, up high! [ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ dog ] i am an iams dog.
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welcome to the darker side of green. look at our economy. barely moving, gasping for air, and desperately clinging to life. very much like larry king. the only difference is, with larry, we have a never-ending supply of gas. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. at the top of the show, we asked why you're awake right now. rob has answers to your

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